Create Adsense Account With Weebly (Quick Approved)

It is my another post for quick approving in Google Adsense. If you wants to see previous one, click in the following links.


Now I am going to discuss about adsense account by weebly. Follow the following steps-

Step 1: SignIn your account in

Step 2: Create a blog with al least 10 post. Create a Privacy Policy page. Check out the following link for example-


Step 3: Digg your all post url for quick index. After indexed go for next step. It will take maximum 2 days.

Step 4: Now, click on “Check out Google Adsense“.

Step 5: You will see the following page, fill the requirement and press ACCEPT.

Step 6: Then you will see the confirmation message press finish.
Step7: Check your “ACCOUNT” (in weebly), you will see a publisher id.

Step 8: Now, check your mail. They will sent you a mail. Fill the requirement and send it to adsense.

Step 9: Wait at least a week.

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Updated On 16 Feb, 2011