How To Choose The Perfect Keyword For Any Site??

Hey, i am going to discuss about the above question. If you know the SEO basic, you can answer this question easily. In this post i am trying to discuss “how to choose perfect keyword?

See the process, i hope by these process you can choose the perfect keyword for your site/blog.

Step 1: Go

Step 2: Put any keyword that matched perfectly with your Niche like the bellow picture.


Step 3: Click on “Search”. Select the keyword that has 3,000 to 10,000 monthly search in both Global and Local. Now look carefully which has low competition with high search rate.


Step 4: Now go Google Search and put your selected keyword as like as this format “Your Keyword”. Do this for every keywords and see total number of competitor on that keyword.


Step 5: Select lowest competitor keyword as your keyword.

I hope if you do this process, you will get more strong keyword and you can see your page in top 10 easily in every search engine. Best of luck.