Make 100% Free Unique Content For Your Blog

If you are a regular blogger, you must face unique content problem. It is very difficult to write everything from your experience. But you know success of a blog will depend on unique contents. Content is king. It also help you to get better traffic and ranking.

So, what we can do now?? Is here any tricks to made it?? Answer is, Yes! i have a tricks to made 100% unique content and it will pass copyscape. You can do this. To do this follow the instructions.

Step 1: Find out some high quality article with your keywords.

Step 2: Copy the articles and paste it in MS Word. Cut unwanted part of the article.

Step 3: Go Google Translator.

Step 4: Select English to Spanish language and then paste your article on it. Then Spanish to English.

Step 5: Now, English to French language.

Step 6: French to German.

Step 7: At last German to English.

Check the output article with original article. You will find huge change from the previous one. Now paste it in your blog. Copy the post url and put it to for checking unique content.