Free Targeted Traffic From Digg Within An Hour

Digg is a popular social bookmarking website. Its cornerstone function consisted of letting people vote stories up or down, called digging and burying, respectively. Digg’s former popularity prompted the creation of other social networking sites with story submission and voting systems.

You can get targeted traffic by using digg. Suppose you have a blog post, that you want to promote. Now, you have to do following instructions.

1. Do your research on the post and found two long keyword that has highly value in search engine.


2. Now, go to the digg and submit your post. Put one keyword in title and other in description. 3. That’s It. Wait and see the magic.

An hour later, search your keyword and i hope you will see your website/blog in the first page in any search engine. If your keyword is competitive, then check second or third page.

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