How to Remove/Hide Blogger NavBar

When you browse a Blogger blog, you must see a NavBar (Navigation Bar or Banner) that appears on the top of the blog. This NavBar contains – Search Engine, Share, Report Abuse, Next blog link to visit another blog randomly etc.

This NavBar is not important for blog visitor. It’s only increase the amount the HTML. You can easily remove/hide this NavBar from your Blogger blog. Let’s see, how to remove this NavBar from your Blogger blog.

1. First Go “Design” from your Blogger “Dashboard”

2. Now, from “Design” go “Edit HTML”

3. Now find the following code –

———————————————– Blogger Template Style Name: Simple Designer: Josh Peterson URL:

———————————————– */

4. Just below this code add the following extension code –

#navbar-iframe {display: none !important;}

5. Now, save your changes.

By this process Blogger NavBar will be hide form your blog.