Invalid Click!!! How Adsense Trace

Google Adsense have world most intelligent programmers and engineers. If you try to do anything illegal, they block your account. That means you are kicked out from the Adsense. But how they trace your click?? Thats the question. Google Adsense trace you in different ways some are technical and some psychological. Few of them-

  • IP Address: If your click comes from a fixed ip address or your login and clicking ip is same you will be banned.
  • Cookies: There are many people try to change his ip address by ip changer. You can do it but Adsense alos check your browser cookies. You could be catch up by cookies.
  • Referer: Google chack your referer.
  • Click Pattern: It is psychological. If the clicker click only your site not other. If the clicker all time browse your site directly putting the url or from bookmark. And seasons for clicking. If there is no reason, your account will be banned.
  • CTR: If your CTR exceed 10%, it is harmful for your account.
  • Web Page Design: If you write “Click Here”, “Suppot Us” in your ads. It will be one of the reason for banned.
  • Search Engine Index: If your site is not index in any search engine but your CRT is really high.
  • Advertise: Using your page rank, if you wants to sell advertise.