Send Free SMS Worldwide Now!!!

Hey friends, great news. I found more than 10 free SMS sending site. If you know about this site, then sorry for this post. But if you do not have any knows about this, check this.
There is another popular SMS sending site is, in this site you also can send e-mail. This site is mainly networking site. Here registration is required. And the amount of sending SMS, is limited. Here you need point for send more SMS. You can buy points and also can earn by playing games. Link of this site is here. (You can make more than one accounts).

Cloud SMS: You can send free unlimited SMS worldwide by this site. Link of this site is here. This website is supported by The University of Liverpool.

In entire page of this site you will see these boxes. Put the number, write the message, verify the code then send it. Here registration are not required. The receiver will not see the web information.

This is another free SMS sending site. Here, registration is required. They also have mobile site for SMS sending. You can send unlimited SMS to your talki friends, but for other friends you have to pay. Link is here.

I hope you will like Free PC to Phone Calls!!!