Adsense Tips and Tricks

You can’t earn enough, only if you paste the adsense code on your page. For adsense, contents of your site is so important. But, sometimes we see, many site or blog can’t earn enough from adsense, although they have quality contents and many visitor. This is happen because of low knowledge about adsense ads placing and other tricks. For earn huge, you have to follow the tricks for high paying ads. Few of tricks are below, these will help for your better earn.

  • Color of your ads should be matched perfectly with our page color
  • Your ads text color will be same with your post text colar
  • Make same color for Post title and ads title
  • All time put your ads top of the page
  • Do not try to erase “ads by google”
  • Do not use border of your ads
  • Use text ads, it is more effective than image ads
  • Use 336×280 large rectangle, 300×250 inline rectangular, 160×600 wide skyscraper format ads
  • Use google 4 of 5 link ads
  • Do not use banner abs
  • Put your ads in the middle of your first post (336×280 large rectangle)
  • Put google search (from adsense) in the top right corner of your page