Free Domains List – It’s Huge!!!

This guest post is by Sam Azgor. If you wants to write and earn money by our revenue sharing program, then just Contact us. Which is better for your web site? Domain or Subdomain? I don’t wanna talk about this. Because of domain/subdomain or subdirectory, your site optimization don’t effect. You can see SEO label. Anyway i gonna give some domain list which is totally free. And one can control DNS zone records such as (A, NS, CNAME, MX, TXT). Here we go –

CO.CC Free domain:

CO.CC free subdomain is one of the oldest free domain providers and our top free domain site. The domain was first registered in 1997, and it is paid for until 2019, so it will be around for quite some more time. This free domain has no ads, that means no out of context header or footer banner frame. CO.CC free domain service can be set using DNS zone records (A, NS, CNAME, MX, TXT), simple nameserver lookup, or free url forwarding. But the best thing about domains is that they are GeoTargetable! Using Google’s Webmaster Tools, you can target any country with this short free domain (it is international like the next dot com). Up to four free domains are totally free forever to register for personal use (blog, forum, personal expressive page, etc.)! If you donate just one $10, you can register unlimited free domains. If in doubt, you see CO.CC is the best option (better than CO.NR free domain forwarding anyway). And extraordinarily easy to manage.

EU.ORG Free Subdomain:

EU.ORG is one of free domain pioneers. Present since 1995, their free sub domain is intended for everyone, who cannot buy their own domain, and are somehow affiliated with the EU. Various county-code and functional sub domains are available. EU.ORG domain registration procedure seems a little challenging at first, but is actually really simple and fully automated. First you register an Administrative handle (yourself), and then you attach a domain to your handle via online form. You can set NS and MX DNS records. This free domain is definitely a very reliable service run by knowledgeable geeks of Europe.

YI.ORG Free Subdomain:

YI.ORG is a paid DNS hosting and domain registration service, as well as free subdomain provider. You can have a YI.ORG subdomain pointing to your established or future website. YI.ORG interface allows specifying website to forward to, or a set of DNS records. New free registrations have been discouraged and hindered, so you are on your own there.

CO.TV Free Subdomain:

A relative newcomer to the free domains list, but powerful nonetheless. The interface is similar to that of CO.CC, but less crowded (and less user-friendly in some cases). This free CO.TV domain also supports nameservers, simple url forwarding, and zone records. As with free CO.CC domain, you can geographically target this domain, so it is suitable for international people. Showcase your website with a fancy CO.TV free domain. You are allowed three free domains or web forwards, which you can renew (for free) each year.

Free XORG.PL Free Subdomains:

XORG.PL is one character over the length limit we lightly enforce here, but we decided to include it anyway. This is a free domain from talented young Polish webmasters. The website is in Polish language only, and the domain is targeted to users from Poland, but nothing prevents you from registering it wherever you may be located. The web interface allows configuration of simple URL cloaking, IP entry or a set of nameservers.

DA.RU Free Domains:

DA.RU is one of the oldest domains for free. This free domain with DNS control or domain redirection will undoubtedly raise respect of your website as RU (Russian) domains are very esteemed world-wide. Free DA.RU domain registration interface is a little advanced, but nothing an experienced hacker couldn’t handle. Updates are instant. Note, if you are using web redirection, DA.RU adds a small footer frame, but there are no ads if you are using nameservers.

BEE.PL Free Domains:

BEE.PL, OSA.PL, BIJ.PL and some others are free Polish domains. The website and registration is in Polish language, but with some help of Google Translate one can find his way to the domain control panel easily. Very professional web site and service.

ZA Free Domains:

ZA NiC provides free domain registration to companies or private users, who cannot afford high domain fees. ZA.NET and ZA.ORG domains are freely available, and restricted to individuals and organisations with a presence in South Africa. Valid South African contact details are required. They provide no url redirection, so in order to use ZA domains you need to configure a set of nameservers.

NET.RU & ORG.RU Free Domains:

NET.RU and ORG.RU are two other domain names for free. COM.RU domain is not available any more due to abuse. If you want to register a NET.RU or ORG.RU free subdomain, you have to first set up your nameservers to answer for it. The free domain registration is not instant, and takes up to a day to process. You can also apply through their forum.

BIZ.LY Free Domain:

BIZ.LY is a good sounding domain name. They offer their free domain with their hosting, but domain-only registrations are also possible. They accept, however, only completed well-designed websites.

XE.CX Free Domain:

XE.CX, 0TO.EU and some other domain names are provided courtesy of (Remo Ribeli). Not regarding the looks of their website, they seem to give a solid free domain service. The website is written in German, though.

ORG.UA Free Domain:

The registration procedure of ORG.UA domain can be a little tricky, but not hard. First you need to create a UANIC handle, only then can you register a ORG.UA domain on their Ukranian site.

PP.UA Free Domain:

PP.UA domain is targeted at Ukranian, Russian, Belorusian, Georgian and Kazakhstani people ONLY, and strictly demands mobile SMS confirmation, before domain delegation. It has thus not been tested.

OK.PE Free Domain:

OK.PE is a free domain provided by Peruvian host AQPHost. Domain site is in Spannish language only, and domain registration is mainly targeted at Peruvian visitors. They provide simple URL redirection as well as management of CNAME, A and MX records. A note of warning: during the time of writing this short review the server answering OK.PE went offline, and was again offline at a few later checks. If you can, avoid this one, and choose a more reliable registrar.

Free FR, TC, MA, DJ … Subdomains:

If you know the IP of the server your files are hosted on, or if your hosting provider provides a common IP interface to where your files are located (i.e. of caching server), you can use services. They only allow IP (DNS A record, only after registration), and simple URL redirection, but they give away a bunch of generic domains, such as:,,,,,,,, and quite some others! Website is in French.

CZ.CC Free Subdomain:

Another good free CC domain. The CZ prefix does imply Czech Republic, but registration is in no way limited to other users, and their domains are accessible world-wide. As opposed to CO.CC and CO.TV, they allow free short 3-character domains; many are still available, so grab yours now! You can also register their free domains for two years in a batch, so that relieves you of one more thing to worry about soon. Domain renewal is always free, of course!

EU.TV Free Domain:

The site and interface looks very similar to that of CO.TV. The policy is similar too: You can choose any free domain, and buy some more generic “premium” domains for $5 through $99. You can register up to 3 domains for free.

NU Free Domain:

RR.NU is a short free domain offering from Sitelutions. They allow url redirection or forwarding, or modification of various DNS records, including NS records, although the last option is a bit hidden in the advanced configuration. A reliable and powerful service, which results in an elegant free NU domain name for your website!

UNI.CC Free Domain:

UNI.CC is another “aged” free domain site. They offer free subdomain forwarding with DNS support. UNI.CC is also two-clicks-compatible with Google Sites and Google Apps. If you want to use their DNS service, they require a small button backlink as an expression of gratitude. Your domain must be active (10+ hits within last 3 months), otherwise it may be deleted.


Free is not a good thing. It always has some limitations. For practice, you can take a free domain. However, if you can use professionally then take top level domain. It doesn’t cost much, only 10$ per year.