5 Ways to Come Up with Blog Ideas

Bloggers who have been around for a while know that one of the hardest things about blogging is coming up with fresh, original content week after week. However, having good blog ideas is vital to growing your blog’s readership and improving your blog’s presence on the Web. Here we will look at five tips for coming up with blog ideas for the next time you are stumped for what to write about.

1. Consider writing a series

Many times, bloggers find that their writing is scattered over a wide range of different topics. While this approach works for many bloggers, you may want to consider writing on a single topic in depth over a series of blog posts from time to time. Not only will this add real value to your blog, but it will keep your readers coming back to your blog to see what’s next in the series.

For example, let’s say you want to write on the topic “how to make money blogging“. You can start the series with a post on how to start a blog, then move on to a post on plug-ins that will make your blog more attractive and user-friendly, then move on to a post on how to grow your blog, and then continue the series on ways to make money. By focusing on a single topic and taking the reader step by step through that one topic over a period of weeks, you can often generate far more blog post ideas than if you are scattered across numerous topics.

2. Discuss current events

There’s always something new going on with the topic of your blog, whether your blog is related to technology, parenting, cooking, etc. Even if your blog just talks about your personal business, there is news being made in your industry related to your business. As a blogger, it’s a good idea to set up Google alerts using keywords relevant to your blog and have those alerts sent directly to your email inbox so you will know when news breaks about something related to your blog.

While not every Google alert will lead to a blog post idea, many times the news alerts give you just the spark you need to come up with a blog post idea. When something big happens related to one of the topics of your blogs, you immediately have something to write about.

3. Discuss hot blog topics from other bloggers

If you are a blogger, chances are you read many other blogs that cover the same topic as you do, especially bloggers that are more popular and have a higher PR number than you do. When a blog post on one of these blogs you read starts getting a lot of comments and debate, take note of it. This means there is a lot of interest in the topic and you might want to consider writing about the topic yourself. Just be sure that you are not copying the other blogger’s idea; remember that there are many ways you can talk about an idea from your own perspective instead of copying.

4. Think about what makes you excited or mad

A good way to come up with blog topics is to think about what makes you mad or excited. For example, are you getting upset about people writing overly spammy comments on your blog? Write a post about how it drives you crazy and how it’s not a good way for people to get the word out about their blogs. Then you can proceed to write about better ways to get the word out about a blog.

5. Answer questions received by your readers

Sometimes your blog readers ask you questions in the comments section of your blog posts. While it’s always a good idea to answer them directly in comments, you can also answer the reader’s question in a full-length blog post. Be sure to link to any relevant research that backs up your answer to their question. These are just a few ways to come up with blog post ideas. As a blogger, how do you come up with ideas?