How To Boost Your Site/Blog Backlinks

Few days ago, someone mailed me and said he wants to know “how to boost blog backlinks??” He also wants to know how i made almost 3,000 backlinks (another site: Easy Download). And he also mention that, he has a blog and daily he made almost 10 comments but the amount of backlinks of his site is stile below 50. Why?? That’s why, i am going to share my experience about backlinks.If you make comment like, “thanks”, “nice post, thanks for share” ….. that looks like spam. These types of comments are valueless. Web master deny these types of comments.See my opinion about backlinks:1. To boost your backlinks, join at least 3 forums that appropriate to your keywords. You have to choose the forums that has very high page rank and that has option to put signatures. Put your blog/site url with your anchor text as a signature. Try to post at least 5 post and 5 comments every day. If you do these, you will get 3*(5+5)=30 backlinks every day that means 30*30=900 backlinks in every month. It will take maximum one hour in a day. So, do this to boost your backlinks.2. Try to make comments in high ranked blogs. Put your keyword in your name option then put your url and email address. That’s it!! By this process your keyword get better position.3. Search different website that give backlink for Sign Up. Sign Up, and put your url in your profile. This type of backlinks are really strong. Try to do these, as much as possible.4. Discuss with other blogger and web master for link exchange. If they have better rank, give them more advantage. It’s not a matter if you give them more priority. If you need to pay for high page rank backlinks, do it.

There is many other ways but i think above is enough if you do these regularly. So, to see your site in better position on search engine follow these.