6 Basic Blogging Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Blog

A blog is a platform to express yourself in the most free way, and that is simply why WordPress and Blogger is still at the top these days. Do you know how many new sites that are created on the Internet using WordPress as the blogging software? There are more than 40 million sites using this platform, either on their own server or on

But building a blog is not just about writing contents. It’s also about reading other’s contents, establishing a community and much more. So if you want some basic blogging tips and tricks to improve your pages visibility and increase the number of visits to your blog, here you will find some. Perhaps some of these seem to be something obvious, but believe me, if you haven’t get enough traffic coming to your blog then you probably not doing one of these things very well.

These are 6 basic blogging tips and tricks for you:

1. Try to offer your readers some advice in simple ways

Perhaps you are not an expert on a specific niche, but you will surely have experiences that will help you to give some advice, tips and tricks, or support. People always interested to know how to do things better and in most cases this is always a very good help. You don’t have to be an expert to help people out with your experience. Just try to help them the simplest way you could and you eventually get readers and other bloggers attention.

2. Always remember: “A blog is a conversation”

Try to talk to people who read because this is the best way to establish conversations and make the blog “alive” It is always good to keep in touch with your readers, share personal stories, and foster good conversation. But always remember to not mention about yourself too much even if it’s your personal blog you are writing on. Because the real value of your post is in how much it helps your readers out. It’s always about them, not about you.

3. Always reply the comments

Just like I said, a blog is a conversations. If your readers leave comments on your article, that means you successfully got their attention. And since it’s your blog then it’s your obligation to reply the comments. Different ideas and great contributions in the comment section are the things that make an article so much better. Replying the comments is they way you show your appreciation to your readers for visiting and reading your blog, and that respect is another factor that will bring them back to your blog.

4. Do not afraid to give links

Every webmaster agrees that link is a very good thing, especially when it’s pointing right at our blog. Based on this agreement, so many webmasters and bloggers out there really afraid of putting outgoing links within their articles. This attitude will actually narrows the value of your own content. Your readers never expect to obtain all information in the world from your blog only, but perhaps you can help them deeper by giving them more references using links. If you have another article that speaks of a similar item, then give a link! If the article was inspired or based on a note found on other’s blog, then give a link! If it was based on information in Wikipedia, IMDB or any other services, then give a link! People always want to know, so don’t be afraid to give links because people will eventually come back to your blog again remembering how good you help them with your references. Links will also give you the opportunity to be recognized by the people you were linking to through the pingbacks. So giving links is actually a very good way to promote your blog too. Give links and you will see that you grow.

5. Create original contents

Well, we all write articles that appear elsewhere because they are awesome or very good or something which everybody is talking about. But I suggest you stay away from the topics you have seen in so many blogs because it would be weary for the readers to see the same thing in five different blogs. Even if you are going to, do not copy an article from another blog and paste it in yours! No, don’t do that. Even though you are going to put the source link at the bottom of your article. Why would they prefer your article to the original source then? You have to make sure that you have different style even though you are writing the exact same topic. Put your signature to the article and create something new, give your opinion and add more things. Go a little further in the topic and give an additional value for your readers. Just remember, nobody likes to see the exact same thing in several places.

6. Enjoy it

This one is the most important thing in blogging according to my experience: Enjoy it! The first steps of your blogging activities will be tough. You will be writing and writing without no readers at all for months. It takes months to finally get your posts indexed well by the search engines. It takes time to get your first reader and even longer to get your first subscriber. If you don’t enjoy and have fun with what you do, blogging will be a lot more difficult than it actually is and you are going to end up saying “This isn’t going to work”

So just have and fun and let it flow. Your mood will always be reflected in what you write. So always enjoy what you do and your posts will be fun to read and people will come back to read more. Pretty simple I know, but that is the very key for your success. I have also discussed about this deeper in my article The Secret Sauce of a Perfect Blog: “The Balance” Why don’t you check it out?

Anyway, thanks for reading my article. I will see you again on another blogging tips and tricks.