Is Google Stopping the Pagerank Feature Permanently?

The world really woke up to some sad news today (October 06, 2011). First, it was the death of Steve Jobs, someone who has contributed a lot to how we view the tech and mobile space. The second one is pertaining to us webmasters and SEOs; it is the problem with Google Pagerank. I was surprised when I woke up today only to discover that the Google pagerank for my dick blick coupons and istockphoto discount sites has just disappeared. This isn’t just a case where your pagerank reduced or so, it disappeared completely!

Is Google Stopping the Pagerank Feature Permanently

I was a little confused and didn’t know what to do so the first step I took was to check if I was still indexed in Google, and to check my stats to ensure that traffic to my blog from the search engines hasn’t reduced. Fortunately, my blog hasn’t been banned from the search engines and traffic is still going strong. So what could be happening? I decided to research the matter further and I discovered that Google actually hasn’t stopped its pagerank service and that all that is happening is only a result of a minor change going on in the Google pagerank system.

Why Your Pagerank Isn’t Displaying
I know you might be confused as to why your pagerank isn’t displaying. The problem is that Google recently made some changes in its pagerank system that is affecting a lot of tools.

Google updates its pagerank regularly, and in an attempt to ensure that every tool and website only provides accurate data all tools and addons have to connect to a Google data center to fetch the Google pagerank of a website before it is displayed. The pagerank tool has to connect to a Google datacenter through the Google pagerank query URL. What was changed today was the Google pagerank query URL. The original Google pagerank query URL is:[URLHERE]

And it was changed to:[URLHERE]

That was the only thing causing a lot of website pagerank to be displaying inaccurately. I know a lot of you would have been affected by this little change, but the good news is that the Google pagerank is still working fine and the problem was only with the query URL change.

You Can Still Check Your Google Pagerank
Yes, you heard that right. You can still check your Google pagerank. Currently, the best way to check your Google pagerank accurately is by installing the Google toolbar on your Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer browser, and you’re good to go!