20 Ways To Link Your Blog

Backlinks are very important for a blog/website. It can increase your blog or website position on search engine. Here are 20 ways to get backlinks.

  1. Write interesting content. People will link automatically if they really like your articles.
  2. Ask other bloggers to exchange links. This works very good, but don’t do this many.
  3. Comments on other blogs. This encourages them to write your blog and return links.
  4. Submit your blog to social bookmarking sites like Digg and Mixx.
  5. Add the URL of your blog to your profiles on social networking sites like MySpace and LinkedIn. It is a little attention and can lead the people back links on these pages.
  6. Link to you. If you write for other blogs or websites, links to your blog itself, if necessary. You can write articles and submit them to article submission sites to achieve the same goal.
  7. Provide an incentive. Put an ad on his blog that I left you a little love for those who link to your blog. Or start a competition for the gift site that links to the most times in a week.
  8. It’s a little link love for free. Link love is simply a place to create that links in a number of other agencies Web. Many bloggers link to Love “from 1910 to 1940, the list of links on a weekly basis. These links often lead to Links
  9. Use a service that allows you backlinks. You must pay for it, but basically what you pay for. Do your research to ensure that you work with a legitimate business interests.
  10. Steadily increasing its role own blog. By linking to others rather to link to you. Add new pages to your list of links on a regular basis.
  11. My craigslist and similar sites for guest bloggers. There are other bloggers out there who like to write for you, especially if it means arriving to promote writing and get a link to your own blog. You benefit, because this position to promote this and link.
  12. Write a press release. If you write a press release things about certain aspects of their work, it puts news sites and persons associated with him.
  13. Submit your blog to blog directories. If people do not believe you can not link to you.
  14. Set your RSS feed to your blog. People are more likely to return again and again, if you can subscribe. The more you get, the more likely you are to something that you want to create a link to find.
  15. BlogRush use. This service distributes titles from its message through various blogs.
  16. The forums on the topic of the blog. Many of you can include your URL in your signature automatically.
  17. Add a “link to me“on your site. You did not see this often, but it exists. Sometimes, people do not believe that a link decide on your own, go ahead and do it when they see key.
  18. Learning and use PPC advertising. They advertise to people who have a vested interest in your blog theme. The highest percentage of people who come to your site that have really interested in the topic, the highest number of outbound links from him.
  19. Reply to every comment you receive. People who write, listen that you want. If you, you faithful readers to do and ultimately, by the end of connection to you because you love.
  20. Create a wiki page or a glossary to them. It is a resource which, if done well, all in the same area you want to connect.