Adsense Banned!!! How Can Avoid???

Adsense is very strict in their policies. If you try to do anything without their policies, they will banned your adsense account. Your account also can be ban, if you are not aware of these policies. So, read this article and be aware about adsense.

  • Click: Do not click your own ads. (Tricks can be applied)
  • Page Cloaking: Many webmaster use browser or bot sniffers to get click. If you do this, you must be banned from adsense.
  • Link Farm: If you have more than 100 links in your any webpage, according adsense term your site is a link farm.
  • Hidden Text: If you use too small font and text color as a background color, your text will be hidden, and its called hidden text. It is punishable.
  • Multiple Submission: If you try to submit more than link of your domain or page, it called multiple submission. It’s also punishable.
  • Selling Page Rank: If you put your page rank bar in your page and call for ads, according adsense term it called selling page rank. For this you get punished.