Gatting Started With SEO

There are many people, who only know the name SEO but they have no knowledge about SEO. What is SEO?? What is the benefit of SEO?? How we can do this?? Yes, all these million dolor question. Now, i am describing all these things.SEO is a process to improve the visibility of a website or blog in search engine.Why we do SEO??

  • To improve our web page position in search engine
  • To increase the popularity of our
  • To increase our web page visitors
  • To make our site in online income platform
  • To communicate with others

Importance of SEO??

SEO is very important for any business or personal website. If you have a business website, you must use it for your production publicity. If you have a better position in search engine, you can get more visitors form the internet. It will increases popularity of your product. It is applicable for every site not only for business.

What is necessary of SEO??

  • Have knowledge about keyword
  • Have a knowledge about backlink, incomming link
  • Have to know about page rank
  • Smart thinking (using ticks)
  • A site not only for adsense high paying keyword, also for high ranking search keyword
  • Patience

So, try to fulfill the above requirement for a better position of your site.
I think if you know