Google AdSense Tricks For Better Earning

Do this for better earning in Google AdSense:

  • Display your AdSense ads below the title of every post
  • Try to use 336×228 format ads
  • Choose text ads
  • Place your AdSense ads near login area, Change your ads text color as like your post text color
  • Make sure your ads title color same as post title color
  • Obviously, change your ads url blue for high CTR
  • Remove low paying keywords by competitive filter
  • Try to be legal with AdSense

Note: They closely review your work, if you do legal jobs, they do not banned your account if occur accidental click.

  • Do not click your own ads
  • Do not ask someone for click
  • Do not try to remove ‘Ads by Google”
  • Don’t sell your website/blog link
  • Don’t sell your page rank
  • Do not buy traffic in online or offline
  • Don’t use any code for refresh your page frequently
  • Do not place your ads in any kinds of adult site

I hope these will increase your enrning at Google Adsense.