How To Mobile Application Development and Application Development for Android

If you are planning to learn Android Application Development, or planning to be an amateur Mobile Application Development professional, there are quite a few points that you need to strengthen yourself with. Let us look at a few tips to understand these points better.
SQL and XML are Important, along with Java There are quite a few things to learn before you start with your Mobile Application Development. First of all, you need to learn a bit of SQL (structured query language). The android user interface depends heavily of SQLite, which makes it important for you to have a clear idea and operating knowledge of the same. Database integration is an important factor for Android applications as it makes these applications more robust. This enables the Android OS to not fail even if the battery fails accidentally; the information goes through enough caching, which adds better efficiency to the applications. At the same time, you need to acquire a working knowledge of the various visual editing tools for XML. It is important that you understand the limitations of these tools and develop a clear understanding of how the Android XML schema works. Basic XML knowledge will enable you to sail through this smoothly. You would also need to accustom yourself with Java and Eclipse to see the most come out of your development efforts.

Learn Automated Testing

Testing is also an important part of Application Development for Android based mobile phones. Make sure you are testing the application in an effective way, ensuring that nothing crashes or malfunctions runtime.

Other User Friendly Features

A few other considerations help users get the best experience from the application you develop. First of all, ensure that the application you develop requires minimum power and goes easy with the battery life of the mobile phone. This is an important point to consider. Next, the user-interface needs to be simple and easy to use. Don’t develop something that the user may find to tough and complicated to work with. Be original and unique, and don’t settle down for easy and cheap imitations of the other available applications in the market. Finally, once you have been through the Mobile Application Development process, ensure that you market the product properly over the internet. Try to get the maximum feedback on your product, ensuring that it is genuine. This will help you in the future with your other projects involving Application Development for Android based mobile phones.

Author: Susmit Mukherjee is a content writer, he is sharing his knowledge about Application Development for Android and Mobile Application Development.