HTML Code For Beginners

This guest post is by Sam Azgor.

Don’t lough i’m just jocking. This is not the real definition of HTML. Actually HTML is hyper text markup language.

HyperText Markup Language is the type of codes embedded in text that make up a web page (document). OIR training offers a course called Introduction to HTML. The course is recommended for web publishers

– Begins your HTML document.

– Contains information about the page such as the TITLE, META tags for proper Search Engine indexing, STYLE tags, which determine the page layout, and JavaScript coding for special effects.

– The TITLE of your page. This will be visible in the title bar of the viewers’ browser.

– Closes the HTML tag.

– Closes the HTML tag.

– This is where you will begin writing your document and placing your HTML codes.

– Closes the HTML tag.

– Closes the tag.