Meta Tag – How To Use In Blogger Blog

Meta tag is very important for every website. It create connection between your site/blog and different search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask etc. Meta tag describe your site/blog to search engine. If you wants to get more traffic from search engine you should use meta tag. See the following process if you do not have meta tag for your Blogger (blogspot) blog. Step 1: Log In your blogger account Step 2: Go “Design” and then “Edit HTML” Step 3: Now click on “Expand widget Templates”
Step 4: Go meta tag generator Step 5: After generate your meta tag paste your code (see the screen shot) Step 6: Now save your change by clicking “Save Template”

You can check your mate tag by different meta tag analyzer tools. Just search on Google, you will find different analyzer site for your mate tag analysis.

Important: Do not fill your description box with only your keyword. All search engine will banned your site/blog, if you do this. Just describe your site/blog in general process. Use different keywords in keyword box. Do not repeat a keyword more than 3 times.