Standards For Starting Social Media Optimization

This guest post is by Emily.

People who are looking to start social media optimization come up with tons of different questions regarding this subject. There are many resources that can guide you about how, what, why, when, where, who of the social media optimization. However, if you are looking for a complete guide, read on.

Most Common Questions About Social Media Benchmark

  • What is the standard for social media optimization budgeting, that is, a budget that includes the number of staff necessary, time period, equipment, and search engine optimization.
  • What variables will come into play when creating a budget for social media optimization?

Let’s further break down theses questions and find their answers.

Standard Workflow Model

Workflow model for facebook, YouTube, Twitter, blogs etc, the key is to produce a steady content stream. This helps to unify your entire workflow for all the properties included. By creating a social conversion around valuable content and a single piece of news helps in this manner. Doing so can trigger the following workflow started by a video.

  • Post a video to YouTube
  • Post that video on Facebook
  • Post a blog entry about it and embed the video in the blog post
  • Post video and transcript on the website’s vide section for SEO
  • Add to websites Google XML site feed
  • Extract 10 facts from the video and schedule it for 10 facebook and 10 twitter tweets over the next three months

After this, watch the vide play across the platform and measure ROI / leads from video visits and other social promotions.

Productivity Expectations Per Unit

Aside from the in-depth calculations, a person in charge of monitoring 10 facebook or twitter accounts will require about 20 – 30 hours a month. However, as the number of posts increase and the percentage of replies on those posts increase, the work of single unit on social media optimization will also increase after some time.

Video Populating Pros and Cons and Changes In Costs

Videos are although a great way to populate, but more videos mean a higher cost of production. Pushing the cost of video making is easy; all you require is a video camera and laptop for editing the video. However, making cost effective videos is only successful when your videos have tons of information in them. That is why it is always important to do proper research or gather a lot of facts for the video. Otherwise, your video will not be as popular as you anticipate it to be. Another thing to keep in mind is that, videos should not be your only mean to populate. Using videos in the mix with content is more effective and it saves a lot of hassle as well.

For an effective social media optimization campaign, one must consider all the variables in the mix in order to come up with a strategy that is not only effective, but cost effective as well. Getting more benefit from less expenditure is how profit is calculated and in order to profit from social media optimization, one must ensure to minimize their cost. Hopefully, this article has provided you with the proper guide to do so.