Tricks To Boost Alexa Rank of Your Website or Blog

Alexa rank is a ranking system that describe the approximate popularity of a website or blog in the world. Alexa rank is really big numbers and the smaller is better. Alexa rank is computed and updated every day. For better Alexa rank a blog or website doesn’t need to have huge backlinks like Google. Popularity is measured from the visitors notifications who have installed the Alexa toolbar.

You can boost your Alexa Rank by the following way

Requirements for this tricks:

  • ReloadEvery
  • Web Developer
  • Hide My IP
  • Sparky

Now follow the following instructions.

1. First open your blog or website

2. Now, open your IP Hider software and then turn on the option to generate a new IP every 2 minutes.

3. Now, by the help of web developer tool, disable your browser cookies

4. Turn reload every tool to 30 sec per page for refresh so that each IP can hits it 4 times

5. Enable Sparky tool so that it can counts every hit You are done.

Importance: When you are going to do this trick please use ads block plus (a firefox add-ons).

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