10 Free Online Applications And Services That Deserve Your Attention

Everybody likes free. Free e-mail services like GMail or Hotmail, free image hosting sites like Flickr or ImageShack, free videohosting like YouTube are among the most popular sites on the net. But there are even more cool small niche sites that are either 100% free or have a free option, that do all kinds of interesting stuff, from backing up your phone, to applying Bates stamps, to letting you create custom Twitter backgrounds. Here are 10 such services that deserve your attention.
1. Free Phone Backup
Bloove is a web-based free mobile backup and phone management system. It means you can back up and restore data, edit contract, synchronize your phone and do other things without any cables, infrared ports or bluetooth hardware.

2. Free Icon Search Engine

Looking for free icons all over the Internet? Take a look at – worlds first search engine that looks specifically for free icons you can use for your website or software application. Currently, there are over 14000 icons and 397 sets to choose from.

3. Free Estimates/Invoicing.

Are you still typing up your estimates and invoices manually? Go to This is a free service specifically geared for part-time contractors who have a full time job and need a simple solution for their side gigs.

4. Free Bates Stamping

Are you still applying Bates numbers manually, just like they did in 1892? Stop! Electronic bates numbering software( like Bates Express) will apply bates stamps and numbers to any printable document type (e-mail, image, PDF, Word document, HTML file, etc.) automatically. You can use the software free for 30 days.

5. Free Software Translation

You’ve probably never heard of Transifex, but they are the ones who translated Firefox, fedora, GNOME, Meego, and django. This is a free crowdsourcing software translation service for opensource projects. So if your opensource software needs translation – this is where you go. They do offer same service for commercial software, but you have to pay 30 euros for it.

6. Free To-Do Lists

Are you the type who keeps forgetting things and misses important appointments? Try Remember The Milk – free online calendar, scheduler and to-do list maker in one. The best thing about this one is that you can easily integrate it with your phone, iPad, PDA, iPhone and have your lists always with you.

7. Free Social Media Manager

Are you a person who as Twitter account AND FaceBook account AND Google+ account AND LinkedIn account AND… HootSuite is a cool new service that allows you to work with all social networks simultaneously through one interface. It’s features are too numerous to list, but while basic version of the service are free, you’ll have to pay $5.99 a month to get access to more advanced options.

8. Free Software For Review

Do you like reviewing software? is a place where you can get money and free software in exchange for reviewing it.

9. Free Social Network For Non-Academic Schools

Facebook started as a university social network. MyClasses.Org takes a similiar approach, but concentrates on non-academic learning (yoga, dancing, horseriding, etc.). It comes with free CMS and hosting for schools, studios, teachers and instructors, where you can post photos of your school, schedule, payment details, etc. The site also lets you search for courses available in all major cities worldwide.

10. Free Twitter Background Creator

If you like to customize anything and everything and have a Twitter account, you’ll love TwitBacks. As the name implies, this is a free background creator for Twitter and it lets you do more than just change the background picture, for instance, you can integrate links to your site and accounts in other social networks are involved in into Twitter background.

Author: Dmitry Davydov is a founder of, world’s first risk-free naming service that has named over 1500 domains. If you have trouble coming up with a cool domain/name/slogan on your own, you place an order with and if we suggest something you like, you pay us $50. If you don’t like anything, you don’t pay us anything. That simple.