2011 September | Techncom

>The success of your online business is decided by the traffic to the site and for this your site needs to appear in the topmost positions in the SERPs and this is where you think of optimizing your site. But since, internet is the place where things happen in a span of a moment and few months are like light years, you need to update your SEO knowledge base from time to time.

Simply read on and improve your On Page and Off Page SEO knowledge base for the outstanding success of your online business.

Optimizing your site for your major keywords or search terms
This is the most essential part because your site is located by the search engines and searched out by the searchers with the help of keywords, so you just can’t ignore them.

First, search for the most suitable keywords and make your search no less than a password searching mission of FBI. Remember it will work like a clue to solve a murder mystery! It will work as the path finder for the searchers and get them straight to your site.

Second, place them on your site in right number and right order for this you’ll have to place them in the places like image Alt Tags, Description Meta Tag, Title Tag, Heading Tag, Anchor Text and your URL.

Third, your keyword optimization shouldn’t be over done. Google and other search engines find over optimized sites as spam sites, surely you won’t like to be called a spammer and get your site banned?

Content of your Site
Your site content is what the visitors read and make out what they should be doing once they have landed on your page. So, how should you handle your site content?

Content of your site stands for the text, images, videos, flashes, etc. so how you are going to handle them all? The language that you use should be suitable for your niche. Keep your audiences in your mind while handling the language of the content, though it doesn’t have anything to do with the real SEO but it has lot to do with the personality and authority of your site.

Again, use proper images that matches with your content. So, how is it important and connected with your SEO? Well, very simple, to optimize your site you’re going to place your keywords in the Alt Tags, now if your pictures don’t look related with the keywords, placing your keywords there will be taken as spamming.

And finally, don’t forget to place your keywords in the written content of your site.

Link Building
Your link building campaign should be carried out in such a way that all the links to your site shouldn’t point to your home page so that your other pages also get displayed in the SERPs. Especially, when your site isn’t made up of just one or two odd pages and all your products and services aren’t placed on the home page itself.

Best practice is that you build your links in such a way that the inbound links point to those pages that have the keywords for which you did the link building.

Build links for all your keywords instead of going for just one or two of them. Also, don’t get stuck with your exact keywords, use the variants as well. Best is to build your links for about 50% of your exact match keywords, next 30 to 40 percent for the variants that are the keyword derivatives and long tailed ones and the last 10 to 20%  for the brand terms or your company name.

Next important thing to consider is what kind of links you are going to build. Some optimizers make a mistake by building only do follow links. Simply ask yourself if all your links are “follow” links will they look natural? No, they won’t. So, don’t think of getting 100% “follow” links and get a better proportion of “no follow” links as well. Though the “no follow” links won’t have any direct value but in the long run they will have indirect value. And will help your link building look more natural.

These above mentioned on page and off page SEO tips will help you in your online success.

Do you have any SEO tip?? If yes, share with us your tips. We wants to learn from you.