3 Awesome Ways To Get More Readership

Driving the visitors to a blog is an important work that each blogger needs to work on everyday. The topic of hiring SEO consultants doesn’t mean that you will not have a do in the dealings of your blog particularly when it comes to Search engine optimization. SEO is a process! Moreover, you need to realise the procedures it entails; you must need to know where you are expected to enter and where experts are to assist you. It’s not all that you will give out to expert to assist you do, because if you do, your chance of understanding how most things is being run is very slim. If all you can do is to keep writing guest posts for other blogs is what you can do, then go do it. There are many other points you can do to make your blog go higher even with or without an expert participation and one of them is by using discount and promotion offers to pull more people to your website or blog.
In this post, I will be showing you few tips that I used when promoting my seo, blogging and adsense related tech blog, so that you too can do use of it to help better your blog performance in terms of visitors. Here are three helpful free marketing techniques that you can apply to get more traffic to your website and blog without spending a coin.

Declare Blog Commenting Contest

People always love to have free things and your opportunity of getting them to visit your blog for the free offer you can give can drive them to become your regular readers on the long term. There are many other bloggers that have been using this method for a very long run, it has worked for their blog, and why you can not try it out? Since you know, you can get your desired outcome, then go for it and begin to change the way your blog performs for more SEO benefits.

Declare Guest Post Contest

Guest posting contest is a superb way by which you can get more visitors coming to read your blog post every day. Particularly if your blog has a high rank, you can get more guest bloggers in your niche to submit guest post for your blog. Best way of doing this is to declare in your post that you are giving away a special prize to the best guest post on your blog at a specific time, and you will start to see the difference in your blog performance. There are many bloggers who really looking for blogs to submit guest posts and if they can get to know you have better good deal for them, they will surely come, guest post for your blog, and thereby gaining your search engine authority and theirs too.

Declare Free Giveaways

Free Giveaways is one of the greatest ways that I have ever used since the time I started blogging is by declaring free giveaway offer on my own software promotions blog, and instantly, people started running play to my blog to comment and to do all sorts of things which I said them to do in order to win my gift.

Make sure that you share free content and ideas with visitors and you will get them returning back to your blog everyday.