3 Basic SEO Tips and The Mistakes Done By Most Of The Newbies

Today i am going to write about 3 very basic SEO tips. I write this post because I’ve noticed on several blogs of my colleagues in the personal community that do not apply the most basic SEO techniques which will lift the ranking of their site in the eyes of google. They do not do the basic SEO tips that exist in their post. Many people think that SEO means getting inbound links with some Anchor text and nothing else. But they are wrong they are not in the front line because of that. You should know what you are doing and why your post will marked as good or bad in the eyes of search engine. Some people say that search engine can not read the sentence or word they can read the code you are using. So you can use code like h3 code bold code and so on. Keep in mind that the search engine rankings is ultimately what will attract visitors to your website and thus make these minimum SEO advice is indispensable, but seriously are minimal Caring for outbound links. This must be the point that unless you consider all the blogs I’ve seen. Some time ago I made ​​a post talking about outbound links. And it’s not hard to do. It just does not have unnecessary outgoing links on the blog or in the post and those necessary to add the attribute nofollow. So this will help you about outbound links and some other.
One of the source of outbound links are larger than most of the blogs is especially sidebar blogroll section, some have dozens and sometimes there are many dozens of links to their blogs friends and many think “I have many Outgoing links but I also link to all these blogs “…. mmm …. no, that served but if you abuse this right to have a blogroll in the sidebar but not exceeding the 10 links. Although my opinion is that the best alternative is to do a Blogroll page as I have. If you have more outbound links it will not gone help you more.

Another source of Outbound links on the sidebar are the banners of directories and communities. The truth we must make a separation here: blogs recently started receiving many visits of these directories such as logs, blogosphere, etc. and some of these networks are forced to have the banner, then should quit. But blogs with a number of visits a little more important you should analyze which banners are useful and which are not a simple task to do using Google Analytics. Another way i really like is guest blogging this is the best of all in the eye of me. So you can get popularity in those guest sites as a Guest blogger get your own identification and be the real star than they will follow you anything you do or not do. They will visit your site and thus you will make more visitor than other in the race and moreover that you will have links from the popular sites and comment link and also social followers. So i hope you will do guest blogging to increase a lot more of this..

My philosophy is: always use nofollow to pages that are not blogs, blogs dofollow link to always defer to the work of bloggers who might link me some day.So it’s like go to big person who can give something and don’t go to somewhere who have nothing to give you so how he can give you.”

Use bold type in the keywords

The use of bold is underestimated, the basic idea behind its use is to Highlight key words or phrases, the robot detected and the browser knows it is important and helps to position the post with that word or phrase. Example: if you are doing a Institute of Ubuntu 10.04 installation, then you should highlight the phrase “install ubuntu” in the post. It will give you more points in the eye of search engine and now a days there are many plugin wining the race for their great features so you can use those also. Some of the are All in one SEO, Blogger High and some other.
Misuse of this is again the abuse. I’ve seen blog name I will not have all post in bold, others highlighted in bold 1 in 3 words and others who want to abuse this knowledge and other keywords highlight uncomfortable reading by visitors. The main thing i always say is that content is the king just not me i think everyone who have a good knowledge about SEO will say that. Cause visitor come to your site for reading your posts which can help them but if you don’t have a Good content or your content can’t be read for too much linking, too much bold using or something like that.

Create internal links

This is logical but many do not. It’s as simple as putting links to other pages of your post or blog. A simple thing like this has several benefits: it will follow that link the search and give you to understand that this post that links still have value addition will allow the visitor to stay longer in the blog. This should be done according to me in every post you write without exception! Make clear that these links dofollow. The main thing here is when a visitor reading your post and seeing that you have another post with the post and which might help him also so he will surely go to that post so in this the page views will be risen high and another thing when you using internal linking with your older post there you have the benefit of when google crawl your latest post the older post will be also updated again. And i have seen sites that get higher ranking in google just for good Internal linking.

That’s all, are simple tips but I assure you that many do not follow, ignore these simple tips in each of their post will do to improve their Search Engine Rankings slowly. Do not expect to apply them increase their visits in 1 day or a week, but little by little help. I must say that I know blogs (over 10) with better content than me, who write twice each day I post but not to do some basic SEO work do not have the same number of visits that are not me … many but are improving.

Author: This post was written by Sinbad a guest contributor.He is the admin of Linux Blog Please see the details in the post above.