3 Incredible SEO Strategies That Guarantee Targeted Traffic to Your Site

Let me begin by straightening out any misconception that you may have regarding the word ‘incredible’ used in conjunction with SEO strategies. The word doesn’t necessarily mean ‘unique’. To find a unique SEO strategy is much like trying to find a needle in a haystack. It’s a wasted attempt. Anything and everything happening on the World Wide Web is never a secret, even if you think it is. So, if you think you have a unique strategy at your disposal that can boost your SEO efforts, in a best case scenario, its exclusivity will remain in place say for a few days. But, someone somewhere is going to find your strategy, and use it, if it’s good enough. So, nothing is an exclusive as it sounds.
An incredible SEO strategy is all about leveraging the maximum potential out of a given SEO strategy and making use of it in the best way possible for your business.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Conversion optimization, for many people, is not a part of SEO. But here’s a question. Why not make it a part of the SEO campaign. By doing so, you will be going one up over your competitors who don’t technically regard it as a part of SEO. Conversion rate optimization involves taking steps to ensure that rate of converting website traffic into paying customers is maximized as much as possible. This is achieved in many different ways including creating a website design that projects credibility and professionalism, using call to action buttons, understanding existing traffic resources and improving them, understanding visitors, improving user experience, projecting the strengths of the business and hiding its weakness and many more. Implementing CRO techniques can be a game changer as far as the success of your website is concerned. At the end of the day, aren’t better sales figures the whole objective behind SEO? CRO helps you do just that.

Local Search Marketing

This is something that can be considered a relatively new development in SEO. The need to rank highly on the local search engine page results is not just restricted to small businesses but also big businesses and organizations. After all, a customer is a customer, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s a local customer or somebody who isn’t from the neighborhood. Local SEO is a potent mixture of organic local SEO, improving rankings in Google places, and local PPC advertising. The fact is that customers no longer go through yellow pages, classifieds, local newspapers or magazines to search for local businesses. What they use are the search engines like Google and Yahoo, more so Google. So, if your business isn’t on Google Maps or doesn’t find a mention on Yahoo local business listings, then it will be fair to say that your business is non-existent. So, even if your business is operational on a global level, it’s always a good idea no to ignore your local customers.

Social Medial Marketing

If you haven’t heard about how Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites are changing social networking, then you either are living in a cave or under a rock, all this while. Not only have these sites had a huge impact on the way we connect with friends and family, but they are also impacting search rankings. Google is increasingly putting more importance on content that is popularly being shared across the net and which is a hot topic of discussion. By creating interesting and relevant content, SEO experts can ensure that it’s shared through various social sites. This helps immeasurably in building links that are highly regarded by Google.Leveraging social media sites for improving web rankings is innovative and if used well, an incredibly effective SEO strategy.

Call them incredible or feasible or call them effective, if used well these tips will definitely help bring targeted traffic to your site.

Author BIO: Philip Donald has years of experience in various domains like Web Designing, Development, Project Management, Internet Marketing and more. He currently works for PLAVEB, which is a leading Website Development&Web Design Company based in Los Angeles, California.