3 Steps to Writing the Perfect Article

As bloggers, it is our duty to be updating our blogs regularly with the perfect articles our readers want to read. While this might sound easy, it isn’t as easy as it seems. The success of your blog depends on the traffic you get, and your content will to a great extent impact your traffic. In other words, writing the perfect articles for your blog isn’t just about making it a duty to update your blog regularly; it is about understanding which kind of content works, and then focusing on delivering your best. I have been studying how to write for years now, and I have written thousands of articles for both myself and clients. While I don’t claim to be a perfect writer, I have definitely learned a lot over the years, and this article will be giving you 3 steps I take when trying to write my own articles.

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Take Time to Study Your Audience The first step you should take when trying to write the perfect article is to spend enough time studying your audience. A lot of people think all it takes to study an audience is to do a few Google searches and forget about it. Studying an audience is far more than that, and in most cases, it might take years for you to really understand who your audience is. Make sure you do effective research to see what the top blogs in your field are doing and how their audience is responding to it. Also make sure you spend enough time on forums, media sites, social media sites, and every other place possible. Try to understand how your audience behaves, and what makes them behave in such a way. By doing so, you will be able to increase the chances of every article you write becoming a success over time.

Research and Read the Top Articles on your Subject

The next step to take is to research the top articles on your subject for insights and ideas to make your articles perfect. The main purpose of your research shouldn’t be to copy these top bloggers and their approach, it is simply to try to understand how they write what they write and why they do so. Researching and reading the top articles in your field also helps you understand key terms being used in your niche, and over time it inspires great article ideas in you. Also make sure you read books, magazines and any other informative writing on your subject – over time, they will all contribute to making you a better writer.

Make Effective Use of Formatting to Ensure Your Articles get Read

You should also know that when it comes to writing, the journey doesn’t just end at researching what to write or understanding your audience. The content you write is just as important as how it is presented, so even if your content is epic, you won’t be able to get the right results if you don’t work on presenting it properly. Make sure you use proper formatting for your article, including bold, italics, blockquotes or even heading tags when possible. Formatting your articles properly can mean the difference in people reading it or not. Make sure you don’t just write long blocks of paragraphs. Instead, focus on making your content presentable by formatting it effectively.

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