3 Ways to Win Blogging and SEO Niche Competition

Blogging and SEO niche is indeed a tough competition. I don’t know why, but most webmaster and affiliate marketer always have at least one blog in blogging and SEO niche. But only a few actually made real money out of it. The common problem I see is because they treated this niche like any other niche out there. While blogging and SEO niche is a lot different in any way. So let me show you the difference so you can use it to your advantage in winning the competition.
The Visitors
In blogging and SEO niche, 80% of your visitors are those who already in the business. They have their own website and they know the basics of blogging and SEO. So unlike any other niches, in blogging and SEO you can’t get any further if you write articles based only on your opinions. No, these visitors wouldn’t care to read the “based on thoughts” topics unless you’re John Chow. These people only go to Google for 3 reasons:

  • To analyze competition,
  • To find a tutorial, or 
  • To find a solution for their website problems.

You probably can’t do much about the first, but the second and the third up there always start with ‘How-To’. So to win this competition, you need to give them what they need. Start writing tutorials like how to set up email marketing software, how to install WordPress in localhost, how to get free backlinks and so on. Only by doing so they can find you in search engine and they will come back for more.

Building Interactions

Most blogging advices are trying to convince you that interactions in comment section is created by a rock solid content you have. In other niches, it perhaps right. But in blogging and SEO niche, once again it’s wrong.

The only reason why these webmasters and affiliate marketers put comments in your blog because they want something in return. In this case, traffic share. If you have a high Alexa Rank they would assume that your blog has large wave of traffic and they might get some of it by putting a controversial comment with their link on it.

Thankfully, comment counts now has become one factor to determine high quality page for Google Panda. This makes the process a lot easier if you have a blogging and SEO niche website. What if your comment section offers more than just traffic share? Like, link juice perhaps? Of course these webmasters will come commenting like crazy! So start making your comments section dofollow and you’ll see even the worst content of yours will full of interactions.


Most blogging advices are telling you that your brand lies in your contents. The better they are, the easier to do branding. Actually, that ain’t the way it works in blogging and SEO niche.

In this competition, your brand is your PageRank and Alexa Rank. So work harder on getting nice valued backlinks is a lot more efficient than wasting your time creating contents that will only go invisible in the internet. If you have high PageRank and Alexa Rank, these webmasters eventually will come back with one thought: “How the hell he got the high ranks?”

In blogging and SEO niche, I prefer to make the blog work for me than the other way around. If I put it specifically, I get my blogs daily updated with unique contents without even have to write at all. Only by doing so I can put my focus on getting backlinks and other SEO effort. Is it impossible? No, It’s not. You only need to rethink the whole process and you’ll find the way.

A guest post by EM. He writes about blogging tips in a different perception, anonymously.