30 Brilliant Photos and Stunning Pictures

Photography is the combination of art, science and practice to capture photos. An excellent photos does not just show few facts, they say stories, feelings and emotions. Taking the shot of excellent pictures is really hard, because perfect object and perfect timing are necessary for brilliant photography. To be a great photographer you need to practice more and more. After that the results will be really impressive. Below you will find some impressive pictures and awesome photos. Some of them tell stories, some are unbelievably beautiful, some are funny and some are very sad. Each photos are copyrighted by their respective owners. That’s why i linked sources of every pictures. Visit their site and inspire them to take stunning photos in future.

30 Brilliant Photos and Stunning Pictures

01. Yaw? Weeeee

02. A Water drop

03. Gizmo

04. Concentration

05. Astronaut Self-shot Over Earth

06. Autumn in red

07. Swimming pool

08. Glittery Ball

09. Sky

10. Reflect

11. Passing the Golden Gate Bridge

12. Glow

13. Time To Go Home…

14. Refashioned Dahlia

15. Two ways at looking at a fish

16. Here floats a bubble in the air…

17. Bird and Meat

18. Family of bugs

19. Pigeon Point Lighthouse

20. A conversation

21. Bird and Water

22. Crystal clarity

23. Northern lights as seen from space

24. Photograph Taken at the Exact Right Time

25. If I was an old building…

26. Bee the Cat

27. Looking out of the window

28. Cockfight

29. The Waves. One more time.

30. The Waves

Total credit goes to: (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos