4 Interesting Marketing Approach you can Relate With

Marketing is a language of small business owners, and bloggers too. As a blogger, I bet you spend a major share of your time marketing and promoting your blog in other to gain a wide audience. Of course, this audience you’ll share you unique tips with and may make them become your customers in the future. Since I’ve been investing a bigger part of my time marketing and promoting my coupon blog that features weight watchers discounts and diet to go discounts, I’ve learnt a few interesting marketing tips from business people and I want to share some of them with you. I hope you’ll learn a few things that you can relate your blogging with and use them to market your blog.

Embrace Social Media

Business is all about socializing. Whether you agree with that fact or not, a lot of businessmen I’ve met in my journey to find true marketing skills have told me how they close deals just by socializing with people. Your business should not just be all about you being a geek. You’d want to show the social side of yourself and use it to market your blog. Social media is a great way to socialize with people in this fast age of information. You have Facebook and twitter at the tips of your fingers. The time you spend on these two social networking sites each day, if you could use half of that same time and talk about your blog and your business concept to others, I bet you’ll be moving your blog forward.

Use Local Listing Services

Again, technology advancement is making things easier for marketers and bloggers. You would want to take advantage of the search engine giants on the internet and use their local listings to market your blog. Google Places is a great fun tool for that. Register your business on Google places and you’ll see your business appearing easily in Google searches and also on Google Map. The same goes for Yahoo! and Bing. Using the three local listing services will help upgrade your blog and give it a business-like look, also increasing your search engine traffic along the line.

You Don’t want to Miss out on SEO

You probably have been doing search engine optimization or SEO for your blog. SEO helps your blog rank in search engines for particular keywords. I’m sure a lot of you are not new to SEO. But if you are yet to start doing it, I can assure you that you can gain a lot if you should start doing it. There are many ways to optimize your blog for search engines. You can have featured articles on blogs, write guest posts for bloggers (this article you are reading is an example of a guest post) and blog commenting also improves your SEO.

Join a community or Forum

Joining a community is a known thing to many businessmen. They know that joining a community of like-minded folks can make a difference in their business career. Following this method can really help bloggers. Form a group of bloggers, this you can do by registering yourself in a forum. Then always contribute useful tips to help people in the forum and make yourself known to them. How do you benefit from this? You can always share what you have from your blog on these forums. For example, if someone needs a help and you have covered the answer to that topic on your blog once before, you can just post the link to it on the forum. You are helping the fellow out and also building backlinks to your blog.

About the Author: John Edget is a review writer who pens on blog marketing and on products review like weight watchers promotion code and diet to go coupon codes. He enjoyed sharing his ideas with you and wants you to learn more about weight watchers discounts and diet to go coupons on his blog.