5 AdSense Optimization Tips To Help You Get Rich Quicker

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For anyone who’s looking to build a sizeable stream of income online, AdSense is one of the best available options. As far as advertisement options go, it’s one of the most reputable networks with a huge customer base; additionally, it’s extremely easy to implement.

Provided you have a website with good traffic, earning a good monthly check from AdSense can be as simple as placing the right ad units in the right locations.

For all webmasters who keep wishing their AdSense earnings were more substantial, this article should be useful. We’ve compiled the 5 most efficient and user-friendly techniques that will help you get some impressive results as an AdSense publisher.

Above the fold placement

Different websites have different ideal placements, and you should keep experimenting until you find what works best for you. Regardless of the fact, the single most universally efficient AdSense placement is above the fold (i.e. the area of your website that can be viewed without scrolling down).

The closer to the top of the page you place your ads, the more clicks they will attract. Also, the more seamlessly you blend in your ads units with your website design, the better it will work. Try to always look at your website from the standpoint of a visitor, and you’ll find it much easier to change the layout in a way that boosts your earnings.

Include custom search

Not too many AdSense publishers bother to set up a Google custom search in their websites, which is a shame. While this tool doesn’t work for all kinds of website, custom search can provide a nice boost to your revenues.

How do you know if this will work for you? Simple! If you have a search box in your website which your visitors are already using, you just have to switch it for a custom search engine that includes AdSense ads, and you’ll get plenty of extra clicks.

Use Link Units

Much like the custom search box, link units don’t work for every webmaster. But if you have a website with a navigation menu that visitors frequently use, you can rely on link units to improve your earnings. Just place this kind of unit next to the menu, and it till look just like a secondary navigation bar, meaning it will get plenty of clicks on a regular basis.

Build Organic Traffic

Asides from optimizing your AdSense placement (which is something you should keep doing until you find the sweet spot that works for you), there is much you can do to make sure your earnings keep rising every month. Most notably, you need to build up your organic traffic… simply because people coming to your website from Google are more likely to click your ads than anyone else!

If you’re not quite sure about how you can build your organic traffic, you can find lots of great advice in this same website. Improve your website’s SEO tactics, and your traffic and earnings will follow suit.

Never, *Ever* Cheat

Have you ever felt tempted to ask friends to click your ads, or even hire shady services to do such a thing? If so, that’s a great way to get banned from AdSense. Not to mention it also equates with stealing money from advertisers… so you should absolutely avoid it. Cheating AdSense is never a good idea, and all people who try doing so will get caught sooner than later.

The key to earning a good stream of income from AdSense is to always play by their rules, and build a legitimate business as a publisher. Keep working on your website and improving its organic traffic; optimize your AdSense placement according to the suggestions in this article, and you’ll earn a bit more each and every month!

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