6 Organization Tips for Bloggers

Posting on a regular schedule is essential for any blogger or readership may suffer. That means time management and using the right tools is critical to blogging success. Balancing a personal and professional life is challenging at times, but don’t lose hope. Applying the right strategies and keeping your focus on that To-Do-List can help you accomplish what you want.
Pre-schedule your work
Map out the posts you need to write each week. If possible, try to combine similar topics to minimize your research time. Take advantage of the scheduling features of blogs to free up your week by releasing posts you write in advance.

Prioritize your work according to results

Face it – lists never end. Get into the habit of avoiding ‘busy work’ or doing work simply for the act of doing work itself. If it doesn’t make you money, increase your readers, or open immediate doors to do either, place it lower on the to-do list.

Turn off social media when you work

Distractions will come your way, especially from people who may not see your time as valuable. Social media is incredible, but it can keep you from meeting your goals when it’s time to work. Once you gather the necessary online information, log off – Avoid Facebook, Twitter, and chatting. Don’t fool yourself by thinking you can multi-task, because all you’ll end up with is time wasted and second-rate results to show for it.

Delegate anything you can

Your time is precious and should be spent doing what brings in clients and funds. Make sure to delegate anything you can. If you have aspects of your blog that are standardized, have someone else do it if you can.

Use the right plugins for your blog

I cannot stress this point enough. Technology is at your fingertips, so use it to give yourself an advantage. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), pinging, encouraging readers to interact and leave comments, interlinking articles and even an automated system that sends out thank you notices are all beneficial. Check out time saving WordPress Plugins like:

  • HeadSpace2 SEO
  • Thank Me Later
  • SEO Smartlinks
  • Tweet Old Posts
  • Backup Buddy

The ‘Email Hour’
The human brain has about an hour downtime somewhere between noon and 2p.m. each day and for many of us, our productivity dips during this time. Why not change gears and make this the time you check the mail and run an errand or two? By the time you’re done you’ll have your second wind, your mind will be fresh and ready for round two.

About the Author: Lisa is an avid yoga enthusiast who enjoys writing in her spare time for – home of Directv.