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This methods is for

emergency use only!!!!!

Don’t abuse it!!

By this method, you can earn more than $150 per month. To do this, follow the instructions.

Step 1: Go for 5 accounts

Step 2: Create 5 blogs in with different those id. Your blogs should be more than 6 post. You can use “Copy and Paste” method

Step 3: Then go and create a new account

Step 4: Choose different categories ads and put them in all your blogs

Step 5: Now, download any trusted IP hider and Install it

Step 6: Then, clear your “cookies

Step 7: Hide your real IP and open a blog

Step 8: Click on your ads and make money

Step 9: Then wait few minutes

Step 10: Do again from “Step 6″

If you have 5 blogs and if you click 2 per day. Then you will earn

2 clicks * 5 blogs * $ 0.50 * 30 days = $ 150 (minimum).

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