Bloggers and Their Photo Editing Software

When blogs were first created they were extremely simplistic. The majority consisted of simple journals that were read by a few people, usually friends and family. Now many blogs are used as a form of income, focusing on niche subjects and incorporating photos and designs to add value to the blog. It’s true that the more elaborately simple the blog design is the more appealing to it is to readers. And by using photo editing software, bloggers have been able to make their blogs more valuable than the blogs of old.
There isn’t just one type of photo editing software. And every blogger is different in his or her approach to the blog. Some bloggers are professional bloggers who cater to a large audience, while other bloggers only blog as a hobby and have a very small audience. Depending on the blogging style, a bloggers editing needs can vary greatly, and luckily there is a variety of editing software from which to choose.


Photoshop is on the list of the most popular editing software in the market. It is also one of the most expensive. At $700 dollars, Photoshop isn’t software that the average blogger can afford. However, if students, whether online or offline, get a discount from Adobe on all of their major products. So for bloggers reaching for a traditional or online degree, make sure to take advantage of those savings. Photoshop isn’t an expensive paperweight. It is described as the “professional standard” in photo editing software. As the professional standard it has many features that other software does not: 1. Refined edge detection picks up the entire object and that means even the finer edges like hair. 2. Content aware is a tool that calculates what belongs in the image when an object is moved. It’s really an awesome technique that is unbelievable until its witnessed: The bloggers that would benefit from Photoshop are those who are professional bloggers or those who see a future in professional blogging. Photoshop is an investment that really helps make blogs pop, but that doesn’t mean your blog won’t succeed without it.


GIMP is great for those who have a limited budget; it is a free program that is pretty similar to Photoshop. It may not have all of the features that the professional standard has, but it maintains a similar interface and tools. Here are some of the features included with GIMP: 1. A customizable interface allows bloggers choose tools for the toolbox and to change the widget themes in terms of size, color and spacing. 2. Photo enhancement tools allow users to fix distortions as well as crop, transform and manipulate the image in many of the same ways as Photoshop. 3. Digital retouching tools make touch ups on the image. For instance, if there is an object to lose, the healing tool and clone tool can make it so that the new image looks realistic without the object. GIMP may not be as high tech as Photoshop, but it is still a great tool for those who want to have a Photoshop experience. It’s free so it fits in everyone’s budget whether professional or amateur, and it contains many of the same options.


Picasa is a great option for bloggers just beginning to edit photos. It was created by Google to create sharable web albums. It also has tools to link to your blog or share with other sites like Facebook. Picasa isn’t as techie as Photoshop or GIMP, however it still gets the job done with features like cropping and red eye removal. Picasa is very easy to use and allows users to make any changes they want. The software is very similar to programs used at photo centers in superstores, with features that allow bloggers to adjust the colors and even change to black and white. And the changes are easy to change back if you realize you don’t like the changes. Picasa is simply another option that keeps photo editing simple. is another free program that is comparable to GIMP and Photoshop. started as a senior class project that grew into a great editing tool. It features many of the same tools as Microsoft paint, Photoshop and GIMP, including many of the special effect options. is a fast and intuitive software that helps bloggers edit photos and create designs quickly. Two awesome features unique to are its unlimited history and update utility. No mattr how far back a mistake has been made, it can always be reversed. And with the update utility, automatically updates. It’s is an easy tool that many bloggers with intermediate editing and design experience should be able to use with ease and could also prove to be a great tool for beginners to help them get used to advanced photo editing software.

It isn’t necessary to go out and buy the most expensive photo editing software to create a beautiful blog. Many programs share a lot of the same features and so it may not always make sense to go out and buy Photoshop. The free ones are just as good minus the special features, but they will get bloggers on their way to making their blogs a better place to visit.

Author: Lindsey loves writing for fun and enjoys keeping up with trending topics.