Free Premium Blogger Template ~ Completely Customized

Hey, today i am going to share a free premium blogger template. I have removed the bugs and completely customized it in such a way that it looks very professional template. This is my first post about template. So, i need support from you. That means need more comments from you about this post.

Just take a look the demo of the template by clicking demo immediately below the screen shot of the template.

Demo | Download

Take a look it’s feature:

2 Column, 1 Sidebar, 4 Column footer, Artworks, Featured Section, Fixed width, Magazine, Right Sidebar, Top Navigation Bar, Violet, Web 2.0, White

Template Customization:

Search Engine Optimization

Search this two lines by clicking F3.

Now, Replace “DESCRIPTION HERE” with your own blog description and “KEYWORDS HERE” with your own blog keywords. (see more how to add meta tag to blogger blog)

Changing the Blogger Title Tag

No need to change. I add this tag for you.

Inseart Favicon

Search this line by clicking F3.

Now, replace “YOUR-FAVICON-URL” with your own blog favicon url.

Blog Subscription

Search the following lines one by one by clicking F3.

Follow me Posts RSS


Now, replace “YOUR-TWITTER-LINK”, “YOUR-RSS-LINK” and “YOUR-FACEBOOK-LINK” to your twitter, rss and facebook profile or page url.

WordPress Like Comments Section

Take a look it’s comment section. It has got an excellent comments section similar to WordPress.
I mentioned the main features of this template. This template includes several other features and customization options as well. They are to be understood rather easily. In general, the model seems like a WordPress theme. I hope you enjoy this Template.