Google+ Invitations: Get One At Techncom

Google+ is one of the most incredible creation by Google group. As per as i check out, it’s service is like a very clean version of Facebook. Mainly i like it’s security features, video chatting and circles. Although it has a nice feature but it is not open for everyone.
Google presently run this site with their sub-domain, and i hope they will go for their new domain quickly. May be it will be or or After that it will be open for everyone. Presently you can Sign Up if you got an invitation. I got almost 10 invitations form my friends, my favorite bloggers and my blog fans. But i didn’t got access because it was closed for new sign up. On 4 July i got my Google+ account.
If you are enough lucky, you must got an invitation. But if you are not, then i will sent you invitation.

How to get Google+ invitation??

To get Google+ invitation complete the following steps:

  • Like and share this post on Facebook
  • Follow us on Facebook @techncom and Twitter @rajib882
  • Be a follower of this blog. You will find this widget on footer.
  • Add comment with your facebook sharing link and your email id.

I will be sending out Google+ invitation instantly.

If you are an existing Google+ user, you can invite others. Just do it and give an opportunity to your friends.