How To Add Adsense Code To Techncom

Hey guys, you must know that, WordPress has Adsense revenue sharing plugin. By this plugin you can easily configure your revenue sharing program. But in Blogger you have to do this manually. You already knows that Techncom going to share revenue with his guest author. Now it’s going to be in action. Just following instructions to join your revenue sharing program.
How to add adsense to your blog post?

Login to your adsense account. Now from Adsense setup go Channels. Click “+ Add new custom channels“. Create channel named “Techncom Revenue Shareing” and then click “Add Channel”.

After that go AdSense Setup > Get Ads. And Now, select like following format:

Select Ad unit = Text ads only


= Large Rectangle 336*280
Border = E6E6E6 Title = 4C4C4C Background = FFFFFF Text = 666666

URL = 2D6E89

And Then Click on “Continue”. Then select “Techncom Revenue Shareing” channel and click continue. You will find your code like following:

Now, go Contact Me page and sent me these code. I will update your Adsense code as soon as possible. If you are not our guest author then check out AdSense revenue sharing program. Keep in mind we share 100% revenue.


  • Don’t forget to add “” into your allow site list.
  • For safety don’t click on your own ads. Be honest be safe.