How To Get Backlinks From Any High PR Blog

Commenting on high PR blogs can get you some real backlink juice if done correctly. Some spam comments like the following:

“thanks a lot for your valuable sharing, right from the beginning till end it was really very informative”

“I cannot agree on everything you say in this article, but perhaps I missed some of the points you were trying to make…”

By the way this last comment if searched in google with quotes will return 1180 results. These kind of comments they may pass the moderation but google is starting to crack on them because they are just all over the place and you may not get any credit for it.

This is the reason I choose to share my methods on commenting on any blog any subject like an expert on whatever conversation. and Google or any search engine will find my comment more relevant than even some non-spammers comments.

1. Go to the blog you are interested in commenting on There is a lot of lists shared here in this wonderful forum 2. Copy the content of the post 3. Go to and paste it in the box and hit “Analyze the text” 4. You will get the most (used) relevant keywords in that post.

Copy some of the keywords and do [control+F] to find those keywords in the post, and scan to find a sentence that includes 2 0r 3 of them. Then rewrite that sentence, maybe combine it with another sentence, then add a little twist to it and you are good to go.

I used this method with great success and made comments in a lot of blogs and forums even in subjects that I have no knowledge in. and always got good results.