How to Get Your Blog Indexed in Yahoo

  • If you’re a blogger or webmaster, getting your blog ranked well in any search engine can lead to a lot of traffic for your blog on the long run, but obviously, you need to be indexed by the search engines before you are ranked.While any blogger can automatically be indexed into Google today just by installing a blogging platform and publishing their first article, the Yahoo search engine is a little more complex and requires some steps. When I just started my midphase and yahoo small business coupon blog I did a few things to increase the chances of my blog being indexed in Yahoo, and I will be sharing some of these things with you below.
    How to Get Your Blog Indexed in Yahoo

    The reality is that doing just one of these things can help your blog get indexed in Yahoo, and doing all of them can help accelerate the process of your blog getting ranked. Below are 3 ways to get your blog indexed in Yahoo.

    Submit Your Blog to Yahoo

    I know it sounds obvious, and there are people telling you that submitting your blog to the search engines is no longer necessary, but based on my experience, if you’re a new blogger with little to no links back to your blog the best way to get indexed is by submitting your blog to the Yahoo search engine itself.

    This doesn’t guarantee that you will be indexed as there are criteria your blog has to meet, but if you have the patience, you will eventually end up getting indexed.

    Get Links from Already Indexed Blogs

    If the above doesn’t seem to work for you then you can go with this almost surefire approach to getting indexed in Yahoo.

    Try to look for 3-5 sites already indexed and ranked well in Yahoo, look for a way to get your link on them (it can be in the form of a link exchange, a guest post on the blog, a blog comment or any other approach you can come up with), and wait a few days to get indexed. If you can get your link on a blog already indexed and ranked well by Yahoo then you can easily get indexed in a matter of days.

    Pay to Get Listed in Yahoo Directory

    The final option that is a surefire way to get indexed into Yahoo and other major search engines is to pay to get listed in the Yahoo directory. It can be a pretty smart decision if you have the money, and it is guaranteed for only $300 a year.

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