How To Install Namecheap Domain On Blogspot

Few days ago, one of my friend asked me, how I setup namecheap domain (Custom Domain) into my blogspot blog. Now, I am going to share my experience about that process that I use to setup custom domain. For the domain at namecheap, you have to pay and can use Paypal without a credit card. For hosting you do not need to think again, because Blogspot provide free facilities.

Now, just follow the following steps to install namecheap domain on blogspot.

Step 1: First LogIn your blogger blog account. And from “Dashboard” go “Setting”.

Step 2:

Now, click on “Publishing” to publish new custom domain.
Step 3: From Publishing click on “Custom Domain“.
Step 4: Now go “Switch to advanced settings”.
Step 5: Put your domain name such as “” and publish it. See the following images for more help.

Step 6: Now, go, and from “My Account” go “Manage Transfers”
Step 7: Now, click on your domain mane.
Step 8: Click on “All Host Records”
Step 9: This step is very important. Just do the following.

  • URL Redirect, fill your domain name, complete with http:// and www. Example my domain “”.
  • CNAME (Alias), fill with your blogspot direction (don’t forget to give dot behind com).

Well, your settings on Blogspot blog is completed. Next, you have to wait 24 hours to 48 hours. In between it will show 404 error. Good luck and congratulation for your new blog domain name!