How To Make A Blogger Blog Dofollow

Backlinks are very important for a website or blog. It like votes for your website. Huge backlinks means high page rank and high traffic. You can get backlinks in different ways. One of the most favourite ways is commenting on other sites. But condition is you have to comment on dofollow blogs. Unfortunately all blogger blog are nofollow by default. So you have to make them dofollow to provide the opertunity of others to get backlinks form your site. 
Nofollow is a HTML tag added to the link anchor code, and will change the normal code as:

anchor text

How to make a blogger blog dofollow

Follow the following instruction to make a dofollow blog

1. Firstly you have to allow “Anyone – includes Anonymous Users” comments. To do this go “Settings>Comment” .

Then enable “Anyone – includes Anonymous Users” like the following picture.
2. Now, go “Design>Edit HTML” and click “Expand Widget Templates 3. Then by pressing F3 search the following two lines

4. Remove rel=’nofollow’ portion from the above codes 5. Now save your changes

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