How to Make Your Blog Mobile Friendly

Smartphones have become incredibly popular, and they are only going to continue to grow in popularity as the years press on. As reliance on the internet becomes stronger, bloggers can expect to see an increase in those who will solely access their sites through their prepaid phone, smartphone, or tablet. For bloggers, this means that the design and layout of their blog is more important than ever.

Smartphones aren’t always able to pull up webpages like regular desktop and laptops are able to do – denying access to your blog by certain users. If your readers can’t easily access your site, you can guarantee that they will stop reading. And if you don’t have readers, then you can kiss the dream of having a successful blog good bye.

So when you start thinking about a way to make your own blog more mobile friendly, consider incorporating some of the following into your design:

Simple is Better

Some blogs will have an about page along with seven other tabs trying to direct traffic around the blog. These tabs are in addition to affiliate links and archives already located throughout the blog. Blogs like these do not pull up easy onto a smartphone. If your blog looks like this, consider minimize the pages and categories listed so that the actual posts of your blog are what get the attention.

Don’t Use Flash

There is no other way to put it. Avoid using Flash and you will have a blog that more easily pulls up on smartphones.

Front and Center

Smartphone browsers

immediately focus on the center of a webpage so it only makes sense for your blog posts to actually be front and center. When setting up your site or redesigning it, make sure all important information is in the center of the page for easy viewing.

After making your blog more mobile friendly, you want to be sure to test it in as many browsers as possible. Ask your friends or family members to pull up your blog on their phone and see how long it takes to load or if it even does so at all. From there you can make corrections so that you have the most mobile blog possible.