How To Reduce Bounce Rate Of your Blog

Google Analytic is the best site/blog analytic platform. It is really interesting that Google Analytic is totally free and you can use it more than for one website or blog. One of the most important term in Google Analytic is “bounce rate“. So, it is important to know, what is bounce rate?? What does it mean?? How, we can reduce the bounce rate??

Let, see the Wikipedia’s definition:

Bounce rate is a term used in web site traffic analysis. It essentially represents the percentage of initial visitors to a site who “bounce” away to a different site, rather than continue on to other pages within the same site.

It means the percentage of leaving visitors, who visit only one page of the site/blog. It’s really bad for any site/blog, if it has high bounce rate.

See the bounce rate from your Google Analytic page at the middle on “Site Usage” portion. Is it high or low??

If low, are doing your job really well. If high try to reduce it. When i start techncom, its bounce rate was almost 75%, now it is 61.93%. So, see the following tips to reduce your bounce rate.

1. Content: Try to write more and more unique articles (post). Content can do everything. It can attract the reader and if reader likes your content you will get more than 1 page view. It is possible to bring him/her again. It can create difference from others.

2. Related Post: Put “related post” option in your every post. By this, it is really possible to visit more than 1 page.

3. Recent Post: Put “recent post” widget in your blog. It will have a tremendous effect in your page for reducing bounce rate.

4. Internal Link: Make internal link in your post. It is the most important factor to reduce bounce rate.

5. Template: Try to make your template clean. Clean means, put your widget in the proper section. Do not use huge widget that can makes reader boring. Keep in mind “The first impression is always the best impression”.