New and Updated SEO Strategy for 2011

Everyone wants their website to be on the first results page of search engines, and has a strategy of search engine optimization high. The increase in traffic coming from search engine high rating can be the deciding factor on whether your business becomes a success. Here we will discuss some of the best search strategies to optimize the engine and how you can implement on your site.
On page optimization
On page optimization is one of the oldest strategies search engine optimization. It has also become one of the most effective strategies we will be happy. There was a time when it made a big difference to your rankings. In these days, maybe 15% of your page rank and the size of the search engine ranking can be attributed to the on-page optimization. However, non-use on-page optimization can hurt your rankings.

Keyword optimization, navigation in depth, use ALT tags for images, links, SEO friendly title tags, SEO Friendly code are all examples of on-page optimization . It can be possible by Hire SEO Professional.

Using Article Marketing

Another test of time and a very effective strategy to optimize search engine marketing article. In this method, you publish articles that focus on a single keyword, and provide a link to your site. After submitting these documents to the article directories, which are free for use by others in exchange for the return link.

These links to your site is picked up by search engines. It is important to realize that article marketing should be an ongoing effort. If the links are very valuable SEO, you must continue to publish articles as time passes to do this work Hire SEO Company.

Back to the Trusted site links

Although you can find links through article marketing, you can get even more back links to sites called trust. Google considers sites that have the authority to trusted sites. For example, all .Edu and .Gov are trusted sites. Great forums and information resources and high-level directories like DMOZ and Yahoo are also considered as trusted sites.

Drill link baiting

When you send a high quality content that many people want to share, this is the search engine optimization strategy is known as link baiting. For example, if you run a site with a kitchen, you can write an article on the Top 100 Meals Under $ 5. Writing such an article can be a time, but you will establish yourself as the authority in your niche, and to be noticed many other sites.

Marketing with Social Media

Social media is the new big thing in marketing, although many traders use it badly. The idea is that you establish your business as an authority and build name and brand recognition through sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. It requires daily, ongoing, valuable content that your readers will appreciate. For appreciate your readers Hire SEO Consultant.

Use LSI Keywords

Most of all site owners know the basics of keyword density and HTML tags, but it is surprising how one little step that can stimulate the right of the row: LSI keywords. LSI Latent Semantic Index mean, who can say a lot of different things. When we talk about search engines, however, keywords are keywords that LSI engine spam is associated with your main keyword.

Social Bookmarking

In fact, the social bookmarking site is to make other members aware of what it found. In fact, exactly what you liked and what is the reason behind it – all that is exposed through the site. Finally, it is time to take the initiative to start working for various social bookmarking sites. First, you must register on a social bookmarking site. Once done, you are free to store bookmarks. Then follow the steps, tags, title and URL. Finally, be sure to share with people interested in the selected markers.

Web Directories

Add your site to directories is another redemption. People seeking information or services offered by its location. For a small investment of time, the researchers actually discovered, and that the information you put in your profile.

There are many directories to choose from. Start by searching general directories that list services and retailers by category. Check your local chamber of commerce to see if you take the ads. Do not overlook the professional associations and professional organizations either. All of these count. Do not pay for a list, most of them are free. You can advertise on certain directories, but you should thoroughly test to see if it’s worth the money.

The use of viral marketing

Similarly, the link baiting and social media marketing, viral marketing is focused on drawing visitors to you. It ‘difficult to measure the impact of viral marketing as a strategy for search engine optimization, but can be a useful strategy. Some viral marketing campaign is to share ideas, free reports, sending YouTube videos to donate software and construction law, squeeze pages.

There is no single magic bullet that will propel your site tactic of any name on the first results page of search engines by Hire SEO Expert. You must use the greatest number of these strategies can be, so if you want to enjoy freedom of movement is available. You must develop a long term plan explicitly how you want your site to search engines. You will only see the free traffic is your goal in using multiple strategies, test results and adjust if necessary.

Ahthor: This guest post is by Jeet Dutta from India. He love to write and works on SEO.