Retaining and Getting Visitors to Return To Your Blog

Internet Marketing is centered on bringing traffic to your website or blog. It required a dynamic and proactive approach. The focus is always on bringing more visitors, retaining them and seducing them to return again.

Some tools that can be used to get return visitors and increase traffic include:

Using RSS to email feature

This enables the visitor to be updated with the website content. This crawls the website on a weekly basis or on a set time, complies the content in a newsletter and sends it to the subscribed email list. If a visitor needs more info, they can visit the website.

Blog Comments

If you have a blog, you should add the ability to add comments by readers. You can add plug-ins to the website, which enable this feature. This promotes engagement with the reader. If they comment, they will return. They can be provided an option to subscribe to comments as well. Blog Comments can be used as part of the brand awareness strategy as well.


These are inexpensive and effective tools for online promotions and go a long way in bringing return traffic.


You can add a chat forum feature to the website or blog. This promotes user participation and engagement. Once a user becomes active on the forum, he will return. More the number of members more will join. This promotes the website virally.

Informative and updated content

You should keep the website updated regularly and the information should be helpful to prospective users. The content should be geared towards the user and be well written. The above steps would help in promoting the website and increasing and retaining the traffic. These can be used for both websites and blogs.

Author: Catherine Jones writes for She enjoys content and writing about the social sphere.