SEO Tips For Beginners

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important part of a site/blog. It helps your site/blog to get better position in search engine. It help to get more traffic. Although, SEO is most important but it is the most boring work. Let know few SEO tips to make it interesting. Should Know??

Before SEO you should have to know that, SEO is a slow process. Don’t try to make it in a day. Try to make it slowly. Try to be make your backlinks from high page rank sites, blogs, forum. Don’t try to make more than 30 backlinks in a day. It seems spam.

Tips To Know??

  • Firstly select your keyword, use “Google search”, “Wordtracker SEO Blogger” or other tools (See Tips For Choosing The Right Weyword)
  • When you go to make comment in other site/blog, fill name space with your keyword, url space with your site/blog url (See Comment Making Superb Process)
  • Always try to make comment from high page rank site/blog, if you try to check manually it is difficult. That’s why, install Alexa toolbar. You also can download Google PR ads-on. They automatically show page rank when you visit any site
  • Choose 3-5 forum that relate your keywords. You can do it by search like this format “high page rank (your keyword) forum” in every search engine. In forum make your signature with your keyword. Make 5 post in every forum regularly. Make comment in other post. By these process you can make 30 high quality backlinks everyday
  • Do not use any software for backlinks. Software mainly do comment in other site with poor comment text. Webmaster of that site, make these types of comments spam. So, this is valueless