Using Google Docs As A Free Cloud Based Library For Your Blog Posts

This guest post is by Maria. If you wants to write for this blog, then just Contact us. For most bloggers it isn’t long before they have hundreds of past articles stored on their computers. Before long it becomes unreasonable to keep track of all of them and you may end up losing valuable information you have to reference later. One solution to this problem is to store all of your blogs on Google Docs.

Why Google Docs Is A Good Solution

Google Docs is a great tool for organization as well as document editing. Because all of your work is automatically saved on the cloud you don’t have to worry about saving a document constantly or even bringing it with you. Another great feature of Google Docs is that it’s accessible from any device with an Internet connection. Need to grab some info from a guest blog you made last month? Just log in on your IPhone and pull it right up. Because Google Docs also lets you import documents you can still use your preferred word editor and only use Google as a back up manager. Best of all, using Google Docs is completely free and only requires a Gmail account.

Tips To Make Organization In Google Docs A Little Smoother

Google Docs features an archiving tool that will search all of your documents for words or phrases but there are a few things you can do to ensure you can find your article more quickly. One way to make organization go more smoothly is to include relevant tags to the information at the end of the document. This way you can simply enter the tag in the search box and see all of the articles you have written with relevant information. Another good tip is to make sure the title of the article is featured prominently somewhere in the document. Doing this ensures you can find the exact article your looking for just by searching for the title.