Ways To Reduce Blog Spam Comments

All bloggers know that spam cann’t be avoided. Everyday spammers find new ways to automatically send comments to blogs and some may even blog entries. The technology will be slowed to a stop spammers your blog, and uses links to all sorts of crazy things, covered in all the comments on his blog. Here are some ways to can spam blog that will help you to reclaim your time and your blog’s performance.
1. Install anti-spam filter: You can use a spam filter in your own domain name blogs and use software that supports them. WordPress are already protected by spam Aksimet. You must activate anti-spam filter and block the most spam comments. You can use Akismet alternative on Blogspot blog by using Disqus or IntenseDebate.

2. Blog comment setting: You can change the maximum number of links allowed in comments. This technique is very effective in reducing the number of spam comments that posted to your blog, but does not prevent access to your site from spammers.

3. Use RE-CAPTCHA/Word Verification: In your Blogger blog, you may use the word verifications by going “Blogger”> “Settings”> “Comments”. For WordPress blog you can use RE-CAPTCHA Plugin.

4. Closing comments on old posts: Prevents spam comment by close comments in older post. In WordPress, you can go to “talk” zone “settings” and set the age of the message next to their comments. In Blogger, you cannot completely close comments for older post, but you can activate and limit comment moderation only for your older posts. Go to Dashboard > Settings > Comments and against Comment moderation select the number of days.

5. Registration: Create register system for comments. Most spambots can’t get around this feature, and if they do you can simply remove the user associated with the comments. If your blog allows it, you could also implement a character recognition test in the comment form.

6. IP Address Block: Block the IP addresses from there spam comments are coming. . More will likely surface to take the places of the ones you’ve blocked, but it will help somewhat.

Blog spam is a scourge that solves only rarely. In fact, the longer your blog is operational, spammers attack your site. Use above ways to reduce spam blog, and a certain relief. Be sure to try more than one of these methods, the amount of spam is blocked maximized.