When Guest Posting is a Waste of Time

There’s no denying how beneficial guest posting can be when it comes to increasing blog traffic. And there are hundreds of articles out there encouraging you to guest post for others and touting the benefits of it. However, it’s not always helpful, in fact sometimes it can be just the opposite. So how do you determine when guest posting will work for you and when it’s a waste of your time?
1. The blog doesn’t appeal to your target audience
If you’re writing a guest post for a blog that doesn’t relate to your website at all, why are you doing it? The point of guest posting is to draw readers over to your site in an effort to increase your traffic. If you’re appealing to people that are interested in something completely different than what you regularly blog about then it’s likely that, while you may experience a spike in traffic right away, the readers won’t stick, thus making it a waste of your time.

2. You aren’t interested in putting in the time

If you aren’t going to write a quality post for someone and it’s just something you’ve quickly slapped together, it’s likely going to end up being a waste of time for both you and the blogger you’re writing for. You need to be willing to give your best work to guest posting for it to be effective.

3. You don’t offer anything on the other end

Writing a stellar guest post is great, but if you want the increased traffic to your site to stick you need to make sure that there’s great content sitting on your website as well so that people are intrigued by your site and keep coming back. If they’re met with poorly written content they likely won’t return.

4. You don’t respond to the comments

You have a unique opportunity with guest posts to not only meet a new audience, but also to interact with them. You should always respond to comments left on your guest post to show the readers that you value their input on your post. This will help to ultimately draw them to your site and convert them into regular readers.

5. You don’t give any attention to your author bio

Writing an engaging and interesting author bio is an easy way to snag some attention for your blog. You have a chance to showcase what you have to offer over at your blog in that little space, so don’t neglect it and leave it with lackluster content, instead beef it up and make it shine! Guest posting can be a great tool or it can blow up in your face. Only guest post if you’re willing to put forth your best efforts; otherwise you’ll end up lending zero credibility to yourself and losing a chance to gain a new audience.

Author Bio: This Guest post is by Christine Kane from internet providers, she is a graduate of Communication and Journalism. She enjoys writing about a wide-variety of subjects for different blogs. She can be reached via email at: Christi.Kane00 @